Usually people contact me with the idea of a proposal in Barcelona but need some advice about places, how to do it, where are the best places or what time is better. Marshall was unsure, first we talked about El Borne, then Park Güell, but finally choose one of the best spot with maybe the best view of Barcelona: the bunkers of El Carmel.

A kiss with the city at your feet

A kiss with the city at your feet. At Turó de la Rovira (Bunkers del Carmel), Barcelona

The Bunkers of El Carmel

It’s not easy to arrive but is worth the effort. The bunkers are on a high hill where you can see La Sagrada Familia Temple, the Agbar tower, the sea and much more. It’s not so crowded as downtown Barcelona but on weekends or at sunset you will find a lot of people. Best time: early in the morning from monday to friday.

Proposal photographer Barcelona

Showing the ring!

Ideal for a proposal

As a professional photographer of proposals in Barcelona I think this is an excellent place for getting on your knee and show that awesome ring! But there is one problem: there’s nothing else on this place! Usually for a photo session we need different locations and the bunkers doesn’t offer much more. With Marshall we decided to go to Barcelona Cathedral and continue the session there. Here’s at Pont del Bisbe, an emblematic place of Barcelona.

Barcelona proposals phtographer

Pont del Bisbe, Barcelona

Finally we went by night to an awesome public show: the Magic Fountain of Montjuic. We take a quick tour around it, saw the palace behind it, and much more!

Barcelona proposals phtographer

At the Magic Fountain, Montjuic