Japanese Couple wedding photos in Barcelona

Michiko and Tenko asked for a 3 hours photoshoot in Barcelona for their post-wedding photos.

They got married in Japan but they wanted their photos in the wedding dress in this wonderful city.

The idea was to visit Gothic Quarter, Sagrada Familia, and finish at El Borne.

So, let’s start with some Gothic Quarter photos!

So we started at Barcelona Cathedral, this is a usual meeting point. At 5 pm it was pretty crowded, but we managed to get some great photos.

Sagrada Familia

From the Gothic Quarter we head to Sagrada Familia. I warned them about her dress… they bought tickets for Sagrada Familia but I wasn’t sure we can enter the Cathedral with a wedding dress.

We arrived to Sagrada Familia and we cannot enter because of her dress. So we took some photos outdoors with the Sagrada Familia as our Background. And we have many laughs and a wonderful time!

El Borne

Back from Sagrada Familia and with almost no light, we went to the hotel and get the flower bouquet.

The hotel was right at EL BORNE, and that was our last location. It has so many nice little streets… it’s amazing.

I just can say THANK YOU for choosing me as your professional photographer in Barcelona.

This couple said yes to every idea, they had fun, laugh, and come back to Japan with a smile on their faces. And a lot of great photos!

If you are an Asian couple looking for great photos in Barcelona, please feel free to contact me.