Capture One Styles by Barcelona Photographer Álvaro González

At the end of 2015, I decided to switch from Lightroom to Capture One due to the high quality raw processing that the latest offer. Some problems with speed in the latest LR versions were key too for that decision.

What I found was an awesome RAW processor that is not widely used because LR has a huge market share… and lot (and lots) of Presets. The presets for LR are all around, while it’s hard to find styles for Capture One. Yes, you can get some if you do some research, but usually what you get is «film-like» styles. They emulate old films and yes, they do a great job. Only just a few are «creative» styles.

I use a lot of «creative» styles that not necessarily mimics film. This styles are my own styles and I use them very often.

You can find my own collection here.