Lightroom presets for Portrait, Vintage and Black & White photos

Lightroom Presets by Álvaro González

Everyone has his or her own collection of presets, and me too!

They are useful for many situations: portrait photos, landscapes, vintage, black and white…

There are many presets packs on the market. I’m not trying to compete on this market with hundreds of presets, just the 10 I use, due to one reason: I don’t like to navigate between hundreds of presets, it’s a waste of time. These presets are the only ones I use and love. Of course some times they are the «baseline» for the photo and I customize them depending on many factors… but they are without doubt a perfect «starting point».

You can do all of these things:

Preset AG Violet 1

Preset AG Tone 1

Preset AG Sunset Vintage

Preset AG Smooth 1

Preset AG Smooth 2

Preset AG Smooth 3

Preset AG Smooth 4

Preset AG Smooth 5

Preset AG BW 1

Preset AG Farewell

Buy them here!


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