Lightroom Presets Pack 1 by Álvaro González


Presets for Adobe Lightroom


10 Lightroom presets for portrait, landscape, vintage and b/w photography

I love Lightroom presets, and there are plenty of them on the market. Here’s my own collection, and hope you enjoy them.

I work a lot with Lighroom and this presets saves me a lot of time. And now you can with just one click convert a normal photo into an awesome picture!

You can do all of this things:

Preset AG Violet 1

Preset AG Tone 1

Preset AG Sunset Vintage

Preset AG Smooth 1

Preset AG Smooth 2

Preset AG Smooth 3

Preset AG Smooth 4

Preset AG Smooth 5

Preset AG BW 1

Preset AG Farewell

Just download the presets and copy them on the right Lightroom presets folder.



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