Shooting in low-light conditions: Leo Zunda Dance School @ the theatre

A couple of days ago, I was comissioned to shoot the last show of a Dance School here in Barcelona. Leo Zunda’s dance studio contacted me for a 2-hours long show with many students and artists.

We had a great time shooting the «making of». The kids were very funny and the makeup was astonishing!

Check an example! This photograph was taken with the Nikon D700 and Sigma’s 35mm 1.4 art lens. No flash, just the lights we had on the «camerino». You can make click and see it in full size.

Leo Zunda Dance Festival by Álvaro González Fotografía

Leo Zunda Dance Festival by Álvaro González Fotografía

Then, to the show itself. It’s a very hard task to shoot from the 8th row a show with changing lights conditions, with no flash. There were many dance shows, and at full speed… so you have to shoot at least at 1/125th of a second, that means I had to rise the ISO. And you know… high ISO=lot of noise.

So, at postprocessing, I had to fix the high-ISO problem and popup colors and the general image. It was a hard task, my computer run for a hole day, picture by picture, reducing noise and with other filters, to get a great result. Again, you can click and see it full-size.

Leo Zunda at Teatro Regina, Barcelona

Leo Zunda at Teatro Regina, Barcelona

After a couple of days, with the job finished, I looked to the pictures and they were emotional and nice to watch them all. Congrats to Leo Zunda’s Dance School, and all the staff members and families with their children.

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