What’s in the bag of Álvaro González

The cameras I use and love

A lot of times people ask me what equipment I have for the different assignments. The answer is always… it depends on the assignment! It’s not the same to make an architecture than a fashion shoot, or a wedding.

Nikon or Canon for profesional photography?

First… Nikon or Canon? To be sincere… I use Nikon because when I decided to go «pro» I choose the camera that has the best «click» sound… I love the sound of vintage cameras and the click of Nikon was so nice to my ear that this is the reason I went with them. YES!!! The most stupid reason you can think of!

There’s no difference in quality between the pro levels of Nikon or Canon, at least for me. You can do all of your work with both brands and the results will be awesome.

But let’s go into matter… Here’s the complete picture, at least for today (June 2015).

My loved Nikon D700 camera. This is my «baby» the one I use 90% of the time.  12 MP of the best quality you can find. And who tells you that 12 Mp are not enough, is just a marketing person. 12 Mp are perfect for 90% of my work.

Nikon D800. Yes, if you want megapixels, that’s the camera to go. I try to not use it very often, because Lightroom and Photoshop has a lot of work with huge files… if you have to work fast, maybe 36 Mp are too much. You’ll need a huge processor and computer to work comfortably with the files it generates. But yes… you can zoom in the photo until you see every little detail on the picture. It’s truly awesome.

Fujifilm x100s. This is my vintage digital camera and the one I use for my personal travels. Great quality, unnoticeable, pure retro style and… a pleasure to carry, because its weight is minimum.

Lenses & other equipment

I have «the trilogy»… 3 zooms that Nikon can be very proud of. 14-24mm, 24-70mm and 70-200mm.

Then some «primes»… I love Sigma, they do an incredible job. 105mm and 35mm art. And the 50mm from Nikon, 1.4, a great one but the one I use less of all of them.

2 flash units, a SB-910 and SB-800 (this is just for backup, I always use the SB-910)

Triggers from Pocket Wizard

Different filters from B+W (Polarized, UV and ND-100)

And studio strobes and flash modifiers

Lots of CF and SD cards from Sandisk and Lexar (I don’t recommend Kingstom, serious problems with their cards).

Different bags of different size, from Lowepro all of them.

And the computers are a Mac and a Pc, and I always, always, use the Wacom tablet.

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