by Barcelona Photographer Álvaro González

Photography at Park Güell has become a regular request for my services. As a Barcelona Photographer, one of the top locations for family, engagement and proposals photos is the Park Güell.

The park is the idea of Eusebio Güell, an entrepreneur, and Gaudí, Barcelona’s modernism top architecture. Check the whole story here.

If you’re planning to do some great photos at the Park Güell, here’s a list of suggestions:

  • The best hour is very early in the morning (when the park opens) or at the end of the day. Avoid midday for two reasons: too crowded and harsh light. Verify with Google the best time for your visit and take into consideration that it’s not the same during summer than in the other seasons.
  • Buy the tickets some days before the visit! This is crucial. The Park is big and has many places that are free to visit but the «monumental area» has a price of 7,5€ (July 2018 price). Some people come without tickets and they find they’re sold out. The Park let only 400 people enter the monumental area every half an hour. You can stay on it as long as you want, but if you leave, you cannot re-enter.
  • If you want the cheapest ticket avoid the first Google links to Park Güell (they’re usually ads) and buy them directly on the park’s official site.
  • If you come in Summer bring water, my friend!
  • When you buy the ticket you have to specify what time you want to get in. Don’t be earlier because they will not let you get in. If you buy the ticket for 2 pm, for example, you can get in from 2:00 until 2:30 pm. If you’re early or late… Problem!
  • Don’t seat on the ledge at the Natural Square because someone from the security area will call your attention. Yes, it’s a good spot for a photo but is risky.

One step ahead: where you can get your best photos

Let’s face it! You cannot come to Park Güell and leave with a great job for your Instagram account!

Yes, there are so many places to make a photo at the park that is hard to choose the best.

There are 3 «iconic» photos:

  • The Salamander sometimes referred too as the Dragon (if you don’t want to have the photo with lots of people around, come early), the icon of the Park. Covered with decorative tile-shard mosaic.
  • The balcony (just above the Salamander, at the Hypostyle Room made up of 86 striated columns inspired in the Doric order), with a great background where you can see iconic buildings of the Park and the city behind them.
  • The Nature Square (Plaza de la naturaleza).

Important notice:

Some parts of the Park are under restoration, so you cannot access all of them (for example, a big area at the Nature Square or part of the columns at the Hypostyle Room). This information is valid for July 2018 (but it’s been almost an year since they begin the restoration and it doesn’t seems to finish soon).

Another great locations at the Park for your photos

Inside the monumental area, you have a place that I love because is full of natural light and the color of the rocks makes a perfect background for a nice bokeh effect. It’s the Laundry Room Portico, don’t leave the Park without visiting it.

Look what a great light and colors you can have here!

The Hipostyle Room

Inside the monumental area too, this place is full of great columns and has a spectacular natural light. Don’t miss the ceiling! You will find incredible circular, colorful details above your head.

Get in here for another awesome location for photos!