We have many private sessions in Álvaro González Fotografía of women who wants to give a special gift. A boudoir session is «that» special gift that your loved one will never forget.

Spanish Soul 1

Spanish Soul 1

But… what is «boudoir» exactly?

Boudoir is the art of getting your most sexiest image, with class. It can be fully dressed, lingerie, nude… You can be sexy in all kind of situations and dressed… or not. Usually boudoir photography needs an intimate and comfortable place with good natural or artificial light.

Come in - Boudoir Sessions

Come in – Boudoir Sessions

What do you need for a boudoir session?

The first thing is to have some ideas of what you want and what you don’t want. That varies from one woman to another, so a previous meeting with the photographer is key to have a comfortable session. We can talk about colors, if it’s red, black or white, if high-heels or not, if that bra is better than this other one… but again… this is something unique to every woman. Just two things every woman needs for sure: a good hair stylist and a make up artist.


The boudoir session day

Confidence with the photographer is key for having a good boudoir session. It must be a quiet, relaxing experience.
Usually the boudoir session can be done in the client’s house, an hotel room or the photographer’s studio, depends on the kind of photo you want. It’s very important to sleep well before the session so you can come fresh.


Boudoir photography Barcelona

Posing for the Barcelona boudoir session

If you have never been in a photo session, posing should be something completly new and unknown for you. That’s where the photographer experience comes to the scene. Usually he or she will be helpfull, but what I extremely encourage is… practice with a mirror first! Look at you and try to find what do you think it looks better. And of course… go to the web and find what boudoir photos catch you attention. Get a collection of them. You can go to Pinterest if you want some inspiration too. Here you have some samples of our own studio.

Foto Susy Gala

Boudoir Photography by Álvaro González Fotografía, Barcelona

Barcelona Boudoir Photographer

Barcelona Boudoir Photographer


Marta Channels Boudoir Photography

Marta Channels Boudoir Photography

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