Capturing the Essence of Innovation: A Professional Perspective at MWC 2024

In the vibrant city of Barcelona, the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024 surpassed expectations, drawing an impressive crowd of over 101,000 attendees from 205 countries and territories. The GSMA organizers highlighted the significant turnout of over 2,700 exhibitors, sponsors, and partners, with artificial intelligence standing out as a key highlight. Notably, 59% of the participants represented sectors closely intertwined with the mobile industry’s core.

The event was not just a showcase of innovation but also a gathering of leadership, with more than half of the attendees holding director-level positions or higher. This year was particularly special for 4YFN (Four Years From Now), celebrating its 10th anniversary with 930 exhibitors, 450 speakers, and over 1,000 investors, boasting a collective investment capability of €50 billion.

MWC Barcelona has solidified its status as the foremost global event for connectivity, offering a unique mix of exhibitions, conferences, and a significant gathering of policymakers who drive the digital economy. This year, the event also attracted over 400,000 online viewers who tuned in to keynotes and live sessions, expanding its reach beyond those physically present.

Introducing the Talent Arena program by MWCapital, this year’s MWC welcomed a new initiative with a 48-hour Open Gateway Hackathon, engaging professionals from more than 400 companies. The GSMA Ministerial Program also saw participation from over 180 delegations, including heads of state, ministers, regulatory authorities, and intergovernmental organizations, underscoring the event’s pivotal role in the global digital policy discourse.

GSMA CEO John Hoffman expressed pride in hosting an event that once again stood as a focal point for debate, thought leadership, inspiration, and networking. With the event wrapped up, the excitement for MWC 2025 is already mounting, with the event scheduled from March 3 to 6, 2025.

Offering a Lens into Tomorrow: Your Professional Photography Partner for MWC 2025

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