Barcelona has many locations for proposals. You can find different places, and you have ideas and information here.

But this time the proposal was at Hotel Arts, a 5 stars hotel in Barcelona, a very exclusive and premium place. I’d worked before with different clients from the hotel, but I’d never been at the SPA, on the rooftop.

The view at sunset was absolutely amazing. And it has an advantage: it has no windows and is an exterior balcony. Usually, the top suites at the Hotel don’t have access to a balcony. They have only windows, with an excellent view, but you cannot have the sensation of fresh air in your face.

So, the hotel’s client’s idea was to have a good time in the spa with a massage and then go to the balcony, and ask her to marry him.

The Hotel Art did an excellent job getting everything ready. Flowers, candles, champagne… and of course, she said yes!