Event photographer for the Mobile World Congress

Last week we had in Barcelona the biggest communications related show on earth, the Mobile World Congress 2019.

We had been hired for the event to work for P2I, a company specialized in waterproof technologies applied to mobile phones.

The MWC 2019 was huge: 109.000 visitors in 4 days. The star of this congress was the upcoming 5g technology and all its possibilities. At least here, in Barcelona, a lot of people thinks the show is about mobile phones. Yes, it’s the best place to meet with the latest news of the big brands (Samsung, Huawei, Sony, LG, Xiami and many more) but the MWC is much more than just mobile phones. It’s about networking, IA, technology and this year, 5g.  Wherever you go, 5G was the star.

As a Barcelona Event Photographer for the Mobile World Congress, it was a perfect time to get new contacts and get in touch with the cameras of the latest mobile phones. They really impress me! Talking about phones, the «foldable» phone from Huawei and Samsung keep all the visitors attention. But the visitors were not allowed to touch them. On the other hand, a Chinese company had a foldable phone that I can touch and try, but it’s only available in the Chinese market at the moment.

Talking about cameras, the Nokia 9 PureView, has 5! And has a lot of intelligence for making photos. It’s amazing what you can do to a photo to get a nice bokeh. Check it out on the internet. The other mobile I would like to mention is Oppo, with a mobile that has a 10x zoom (but it’s not clear if it’s real or a technical trick). If I have to talk about Huawei, I will not talk about their mobiles: what impressed me was the MateBook, a powerful and thin laptop that could compete with Macbook Pro at a cheaper price.