Angelo contacted me a couple of months before the «big day». He was planning to propose on March, 18th, and the place was… Sagrada Familia!

How to plan your proposal in Barcelona with a photographer

There are many common questions about hiring a photographer for this big day. Where is the best place? Is it at Montjuic? The Gothic Quarter? Sagrada Familia? Every place has pros and cons. Sagrada Familia it’s an amazing place, but there’s a big condition for good photos: you have to arrive really early in the morning, otherwise, there will be hundreds of people around and the photo will not look absolutely awesome with a big crowd behind. The right time depends on the season, usually 8:30/9:00 am on winter or earlier in summer.

There are many spots around Sagrada Familia for engagement or proposal photos with a Barcelona Photographer. There are a couple of little parks in front of the temple, and it’s easy to have many good photos with just a short walk. Photos inside the Sagrada Familia with professional equipment are not allowed. Usually, the couples that make an engagement or proposal at Sagrada Familia wants to get into the temple after the photo session: it’s very important to know that you have to buy the tickets in advance. This is a very touristic visit and usually, there are no tickets available for the same day.

Some photos from the Sagrada Familia proposal

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