We have been working with a lot of agencies and different people who wants to add professional headshot photography to their profiles.

People comes with different ideas for the headshot sessions. Some of them want something for their acting or dancing careers, others for their professional LinkedIn or Company profile.

Usually they pick the background: some like it clean and clear, some like it dark.

Studio headshots

Some of our clients wants a fresh and natural look:


Some of them want a professional, clean image.


Some want something more relaxed, more artistic


Some of them love the black background

Headshots Photographer Barcelona - Marina


Headshot photography Barcelona

Headshot photography Barcelona

Headshots Photographer Barcelona - Marina

Headshots Photographer Barcelona – David de Menes – Artist

Environmental headshots

But not everyone needs the studio. Some has specific needs, for example, this young professional wants to show his workspace:

Environmental headshot Barcelona

Environmental headshot Barcelona

This lady wants something fresh, clean, white, at the beach:

Environmental headshot Barcelona

Environmental headshot Barcelona

Linkedin Professional photography

It’s obvious that the first impression you give to someone who arrives at your LinkedIn profile matters the most.

Your photo is a very important part of your LinkedIn profile for a number of reasons.

When you meet a LinkedIn contact in person for the first time, they will be able to recognize you because of your photo.

When you send a LinkedIn invitation to connect with someone you already know, they will feel comfortable accepting the invitation because they recognize your face. Finally, a photograph humanizes your profile and makes you appear more approachable. Uploading a quality photo into your LinkedIn profile will help you make the right impression and maximize the number of people who view your profile.

Julia - LinkedIn

Julia – LinkedIn

What do you need to know before your headshot session

  1. First of all… be relaxed. Don’t come to the session in a hurry or with just 3 minutes. Breathe, take it slowly and show what you need to the camera with confidence.
  2. I suggest to all women to have a Makeup Artist for the session. It changes A LOT the final result.
  3. Keep and eye on the clothes: try to use something that has a solid color instead of a lot of patterns and colors. Avoid distracting elements from the photo, it’s your face and personality what we need to show, not your clothes or jewerly.
  4. Be yourself: don’t come with something «new» that makes all of your friends asks who is in the photo!
  5. Very important: Sleep well before the session! A crazy night is not a good idea before a photo session. Come fresh.
  6. You can do your homework: practice in front of the mirror the best poses for you, and if you need some inspiration, check Pinterest!
  7. Don’t worry if you’re shy: a photographer with experience will guide you with different poses.
  8. Smiling is an option, not a must: some people smiles naturally and others…  it seems foreced! So be yourself.
  9. Bring different clothes if you want multiple looks.

If you’re looking for a headshot photographer in Barcelona, contact us!