As a Barcelona photographer, I had the privilege of covering ISE 2024, one of the year’s major events. Working for an international client, I witnessed the exhibition’s outstanding success in terms of attendance and impact.

ISE 2024 brought together professionals and innovators from around the globe, all converging in Barcelona to showcase the latest advancements in technology and design. From cutting-edge audiovisual solutions to state-of-the-art smart building technologies, the fair was a melting pot of creativity and innovation. As a Barcelona photographer, I was thrilled to capture the spirit of this dynamic gathering.

ISE 2024 was an outstanding success, featuring an impressive lineup of 1,400 companies, sprawling across 82,000 square meters of exhibition space, and drawing a staggering 73,891 participants.

ISE 2024 brought together global innovators in Barcelona, showcasing cutting-edge technology and design. The city’s unique blend of culture and modernity served as the perfect backdrop for this dynamic event.

As I look back on my time at ISE 2024, I’m grateful to have captured its spirit and contributed to Barcelona’s reputation as an innovation hub.