Croacia: de Zagreb a Dubrovnik

Croacia de arriba a abajo Un viaje de Zagreb a Dubrovnik Desde Barcelona a Zagreb, un vuelo de 2 horas te deja en el pequeño aeropuerto de Zagreb. Nuestras vacaciones han sido “improvisadas” ya que no teníamos claro a dónde iríamos, más allá de saber que íbamos a comenzar por el Norte y a acabar [...]

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Capture One 9 Styles

Capture One Styles by Barcelona Photographer Álvaro González At the end of 2015, I decided to switch from Lightroom to Capture One due to the high quality raw processing that the latest offer. Some problems with speed in the latest LR versions were key too for that decision. What I found was an awesome RAW processor that is [...]

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Three different photo shoots in just one day

The client: Eventime Barcelona. They bring many big events to Barcelona and this time the international star was Dj Just Dizle, from France. The deal was to make three different photo shootings: At the disco, where he was djing (Shoko Barcelona) In the Barcelona streets A studio photo session We started at 2:00 am at [...]

Barcelona Photography Tour

Barcelona Walking Tour Our walking tours, which last either 2 or 3 hours, are a unique and engaging way to experience Barcelona. Each tour is private for you and your couple or your family members, so you can explore all the city has to offer with your very own photographer. Selfies are ok, but if [...]

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Barcelona Engagement Photography

Barcelona, the perfect city for Engagement Photography Spring is here! And Barcelona's weather is already perfect for a photo session. We had the oportunity of shooting with almost no one on the streets of El Borne, one of the most emblematic places of the city. Full of little peatonal streets, the great Santa María del [...]

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Getting ready for your Barcelona Boudoir Photo Session

We have many private sessions in Álvaro González Fotografía of women who wants to give a special gift. A boudoir session is "that" special gift that your loved one will never forget. Spanish Soul 1 But... what is "boudoir" exactly? Boudoir is the art of getting your most sexiest image, with class. It [...]

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Barcelona Family Photographer

I love families. And I love to portrait joy and hapiness. That's what a holiday with your family should look like. An incredible journey into one of the most photographic cities you will ever visit. Family Photographer Barcelona Barcelona family photography I love Barcelona and I really know those "secret-places" where your family photos [...]

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Comparando la cámara del iPhone con una cámara de fotos (Fujifilm x100s, Nikon D700)

¿La única cámara que vas a necesitar? Así rezaba hace un tiempo el slogan que promocionaba la cámara del iPhone. Hemos puesto al iPhone 6s (12 Mp) a competir con otras dos cámaras, la Fujifilm x100s (16 Mp) y la de una D700 de hace 6 años con un objetivo de hace 30 años (un [...]

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Lo nuevo en Photoshop CC 2015.1

La última versión del software de Adobe traer novedades. Está obviamente dirigida más hacia diseñadores gráficos que a fotógrafos. A mi en particular me gustan 6 características, que son las que considero las más importantes. Esas seis características comprenden mejoras en las Mesas de Trabajo (Artboards, introducidas en Junio 2015), la biblioteca, el manejo de tipografías, la [...]

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