It sounds crazy, but an american asked me to photograph him while he runs with the bulls at Pamplona, in San Fermines Festival.

I’m a lifestyle, event and wedding photographer in Barcelona, and it called my attention that he asked for me for this particular job.

His contact here in Spain told him that he had a bad experience with other photographers, they asked for a deposit and never showed up.

But I give Richard (my client) all the information he asked, and answered all his questions very fast. He trusted me, and the rest is history!

The idea: he wanted to run with the bulls in two different days. He rented a balcony on Estafeta street where I had to set up my camera and shoot.

I have all the professional equipment required but I’d never photographed the «Encierros». It was a challenge. The action is really fast, and it last just for 5-6 seconds. In that time, you have to get the perfect photo.

Here’s a video (in Spanish) on my YouTube Channel, where I describe the experience.

It’s really a challenge to do this kind of things. Both, the runner and the photographer, have to give the best of themselves to get a good result.

The «Encierro» is so fast, there’s so much adrenaline, that it’s easy to miss the shot if you just blink.

Shooting from a Balcony it’s not an easy task, neither. But with the right directions, Richard had his photo.

It was my first time at San Fermines, and it was amazing. Party all day, and all night. Amazing food, good mood, excellent weather.

Not to mention that Richard and Tish (her wife) where absolutely fantastic people.

If you’re coming to San Fermines and want a professional photographer, please give me a call.